A Belated Thanksgiving Post

I meant to share this post much earlier, but I’m only recently emerging from my post-Thanksgiving food coma. Our Thanksgiving was delicious and delightful. Lots of pies. Lots of food. Lots of pomegranate seeds.

This was a very different Thanksgiving from last year. Last year, I was in my first year of law school and preparing for exams. It was like learning to speak a new language when the whole world expects you to be fluent a month later. Pure hell. My brain was full of outlines, “issue-spotting,” the elements of negligence, calculating damages, and…rejections. Last Thanksgiving, I had only been on submission for a month, and already it was the most harrowing thing ever. I was in a constant battle of self-doubt made worse by the lack of sunlight and winter cold creeping through my bones.

This Thanksgiving was pure heaven. I got to be angsty about different things. Like whether my eyeliner was doing the thing where it magically travels to the space beneath my eyebrows; if my teeth looked blood-stained from all the pomegranate seeds; how to disappear with the wine bottle. I’m deeply grateful for this Thanksgiving and even the hellish one of last year because it showed me just how much can change in a year. Listing the things I am grateful for is like taking out my talismans. These bright pieces of my life keep me whole, and I think I should list them more often as reminders to myself:

  1. Family
  2. Friends
  3. Panda whiskers
  4. Favorite sentences in beloved books
  5. The calligraphy of cream when it hits coffee
  6. A square of sunlight in the piano room
  7. The smell of my house: mustard seeds, coffee grinds and turmeric
  8. A certain someone’s cologne which smells like Christmas Eve
  9. That gasp-hiccup-astonishment of a new idea
  10. Turning on the car radio to the beginning of my favorite song
  11. Gel eyeliner
  12. My agent, and now, my editor
  13. New books that are not mine
  14. New books that are mine 🙂
  15. Discovery
  16. Readers

I hope your Thanksgiving was magical. Even if it wasn’t, I promise you that a lot can change in one year.

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