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This weekend I had the chance to attend Dragon*Con in Atlanta. Despite being an Atlanta native, this was my first time attending the conference. And wow. It did not disappoint. Dragon*Con, which spans a number of hotels in downtown Atlanta, was like stepping into a completely different world. At one point, I felt like I was wandering through the Otherworld.

One of the best things about the conference was attending the panels. Dragon*Con has a great YA track, and I had the chance to listen to authors like Melissa Grey (THE GIRL AT MIDNIGHT), E.C. Meyers (THE SILENCE OF SIX), Cindy Pon (SERPENTINE), Shaun David Hutchinson (THE FIVE STAGES OF ANDREW BRAWLEY) and Naomi Novik (UPROOTED). Hearing authors discuss their writing process or what character building and magic systems in their worlds mean to them was very eye-opening. It was also a good lesson in proving that not everyone’s path or method to success is the same, and that’s fine! Some of the writers on the panel would revise by retyping their books from start to finish. Some needed to have everything planned out before they started writing and they would end up with a hundred-page outline. Some didn’t plan the book out at all, they would let it lead them wherever it wanted to go.

We do what we must to tell the story we want.

But now the weekend is done and it’s time for me to get back to Book 2. On the advice of this fabulous post by Catherynne Valente, I’m attempting to write this book in 30 days. Last week, I had 8k words. Today, I’m at 22k. This seems like a huge leap of progress, but if you could have seen me these past couple of days, I have been pulling teeth trying to find words to slap on the page. One of the things I’m finding most helpful, however, is not going back and rereading/revising. For this draft, I’m only aiming for forward progression. There are places I can already see that are stalling. There are huge paragraphs filled with food description simply because I couldn’t think of something better that might fit…but it’s a tiny victory all the same.

Wish me luck!

Before I go…I wanted to link this great review of my short story “THE VISHAKANYA’S CHOICE” by Fantasy Book Critic. There’s a mini Q&A if you’d like to read, including links to the story (which is free!).

Anddd, lastly, I have glimpsed something super super awesome relating to THE STAR-TOUCHED QUEEN. Get ready for a fun reveal in October! 🙂







I also got to hug Scott Adsitt (actor in 30 Rock, one of my favorite shows, and the voice of BAYMAX from BIG HERO 6!).



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