On Feeling Vaguely Omnipresent…

I graduated from Emory in 2013. Around that time, I had been using my Facebook account since…2006? I think? I was a little attached. Maybe too attached. Graduating around that time (or one could say, really, at any time) was incredibly stressful.

I had *zero* job prospects. My major was 14th century British literature, so no one was unrolling a red carpet and dangling a hefty salary at me. I had entertained thoughts of law school, but only haphazardly. I was ish-preparing for the LSAT. Most of the time I was just moping around my apartment, lamenting the general passage of time and trying my best to study and NOT work on the manuscript that later became THE STAR TOUCHED QUEEN.

Facebook didn’t feel healthy to me. It was a haven of constant comparison. It was a personal hell for anyone who felt vaguely insecure. It was pretty much the worst.

So, after graduation, I swore it off! And I felt so much happier. There was no more need to check notifications. I wasn’t constantly wondering how many “likes” my latest carefully-crafted pithy comment had garnered. Plus, I didn’t feel like I had anything worth sharing with the world. What was I going to brag about? My mediocre LSAT practice test scores? That’s a winner…

But now, I do have something to share!

Yesterday, I decided to set up my author page. The thing is, this requires activating (or making) a personal profile. And so I reactivated mine after sooooooo long and it was SO WEIRD. I nearly hyperventilated from the crash course down memory lane. Half the people listed as “friends” I couldn’t even remember! Then I had to wade through all the notifications “welcoming me back” (I was in Atlanta the whole time! It’s not like I was resurrected from the dead!)

I am in awe of people who get things done with Facebook. Less than 24 hours of having a profile, and I’m already like: “HAVE I MISSED SOMETHING.” Ah. Ignorance really is bliss.

All of this is to say, I have a Facebook author page.

Despite feeling, sometimes, like I’m on all the social media ever and in all the places at once, it’s also AMAZING because it lets me find and connect with readers when I may not have had that opportunity. THAT is something worth wading through all the notifications for!

I want to hear your thoughts. I want you to feel part of the world I’m trying so hard to bring to life. In the upcoming months, there’s going to be some wonderful things on the Facebook page, so keep it in mind 🙂

And…if you’re like me and occasionally feel overwhelmed from social media, free yourself from the anxiety and just step away from the screens. I think it’s so relaxing to bask in something else. Something *still* that lets you savor your own thoughts and never share them with anyone but you.

This art always brings me peace of mind. I hope you find them calming and inspiring too! (Dale Chihuly pieces from the Seattle exhibition)

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