Weekend Update

Normally, I try to post things on Saturday, but this week has left me useless.

Last week was my second-to-last week as a summer associate in a large Atlanta firm. Naturally, there’s all kinds of scrambling to make sure that assignments are complete, that revisions are done, that attorneys are happy with the work product. So by the end of Friday, I had about 5% brain power left and that’s what I’ve been working with this whole weekend.

Friday was spent in the company of good food and better friends. One of our close friends is on the war path to master sommelier, so we spent an interesting evening staring at maps of France, swishing a delightful Bandol red in delicate glasses and waxing poetic on flavors.

The wine in question!

The wine in question!

But my Saturday *wiped* me out. I was at the lake the entire time, quietly roasting on a boat and pondering the excessive greenness of the water. Before someone throws something at me for lamenting a sunny day on the boat, know that I couldn’t swim! I felt like Tantalus.

The worst part was how the sun made me useless and drowsy. My attempt to write afterward started and ended with attempts like this: “And so, then he…he…uh. He napped…”

Today, I endeavored to be more active, mostly because this afternoon I participated in the Fledgling Author Chat on Twitter (if you’re curious, search this hashtag: #FAC16). It’s incredible to read about the creative process of other writers and also to share your own vision. I had a wonderful time. If you’re interested, this Goodreads “to-read” page has a number of the 2016 debuts!

Sometimes, I envision the authors behind twitter chats lounging on silk chaises with someone feeding them impossibly dark grapes. My experience is rather different, though I did dress for the occasion in honor of Airavata, my elephant character who spins thunderstorms:

Note the Balrog on his red throne.

Note the Balrog on his red throne.

I spent the entire Twitter chat frantically making sure that I had caught ALL of the @’s. Which, to put it lightly and not at all exaggerate, was THE MOST CHAOTIC THING EVER.

Even though the weekend has drawn to its close and even though I feel like I did all of the things and also NONE of the things–connecting with writers, bloggers and readers is so invaluable and awe-inspiring that I don’t mind the weird eye-twitch I’ve magically acquired in the space of an hour.

And now…time to watch INSIDE OUT!

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