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ARGH! It's NOT perfect!

ARGH! It’s NOT perfect!

Sometimes we read things (of our own devise or other’s) and there’s a strange little ick-scritch under our skin. Like when you’re cooking and slip a spoon in your concoction only to realize you’ve left out the salt. It’s just not QUITE there.

My draft just isn’t QUITE there. It’s missing the word-equivalent of salt. Luckily, I have more time to tackle that now that I have officially deferred my second year of law school. Although I say “officially,” it really was nothing more than a brief—but pleasant—email exchange and a reminder to check back in around April so that I’m not out of luck when school starts up in Fall 2016.

With more time, I’m plotting with more serious blog ideas. Perhaps Monsters Monday. Or something. If you have thoughts on a post you’ve enjoyed or there’s something you’d like to see more of, please let me know!

In unrelated news, “The Star Maiden” received a very kind review which you can read about here.


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