A Panda for Your Thoughts

This blog will heavily feature Panda, our Great Pyr. Panda lends himself to blog posts not just because he is omniscient and fluffy, but also because his presence is the cure-all to writer’s block. If I’m lacking in prompts or clawing at thin air for words, I look at a picture of him and I write.



This is Panda. He is napping after a hard day’s work at the farm where he barked at shadows, growled at the cooped up chickens (whether he was lamenting their captivity or expressing hunger is unclear) and galloped after my mother.

In my experience, writing is a lot like panning for gold. Except in this case all the muddied river gunk is word vomit and those rare nuggets of gold can run the gamut between that elusive characterization for a flat character, a sentence that weaves two disparate ideas, a word balancing on the tip of your tongue or even your garbled thoughts floating in the air and seeking purchase.

I don’t have a pan for sifting gold. But I do have a Panda. And, like any sentient sieve, he gives me perspective. If you’re stuck, staring at something that’s outside the realm of your own work can be that magical “aha!” moment that lets you leap (metaphorically) over the thorny, furious obstacle that is writer’s block.


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